Our company is available for seasonal maintenance. Lawns, beds and trees thrive with year round care. DKC offers a seasonal approach to landscaping that keeps your plant material healthy and looking great every day.

DKC Landscaping is happy to offer our residential customers fixed rate contracts for customized seasonal maintenance. We offer our clients the Professional Landscape Contract (PLC). The PLC leaves all the work to us! You are entered into our master schedules and we automatically come out to manicure your home and tend to your landscaping needs.


The following services are offered to our residential customers:

DKC Landscaping makes your designs a reality. We schedule a design consultation to better understand your ideas. Our experienced and knowledgeable design specialists evaluate your yard's environment to see how the design and environment can co-exist.

DKC can incorporate walkways, patios, walls, fountains and other fixtures in your yard into our designs. We can also incorporate existing plant material. Our experts will show you which plants will get a new life and reinvigorate your beds.

We will shop several different local nurseries for the healthiest grade plant material including shade trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses.

The mulch we spread in beds is disease free and 100% natural. It is free of all construction and demolition materials. Our mulch is dyed for the longest sustained color to maximize the appeal of your home.

Our customers who normally order bulk deliveries of mulch are invited to take advantage of a free consultation and proposal for the installation of the mulch. Many customers have been surprised by how affordable our rates are.

What is a PLC?
A PLC is a "Professional Landscape Contract" that is customized to suit the needs of your property. An annual maintenance program is outlined and scheduled so you never need to worry. We will tend to your property's needs for you! A PLC is available to help you maintain the optimal health and beauty of your beds. Customers who sign up for PLC's can receive such services on a multi-year level at a fixed rate. Avoid a la carte billing and annual increases! We are the company for you!

Hardscaping is the single source for landscape renovations. DKC's hardscaping services include:
Decorative and Retaining Walls

Materials for hardscaping are limitless! We commonly use pressure treated wood, Pennsylvania blue slate, EP Henry wall and paver blocks, stone and boulders. Visit Our Photo Gallery.

DKC Landscaping will repair lawns after suffering damage from accidents, rutting, erosion, insect and drought damage.

DKC will remove damaged turf and install grade A, fresh sod. This approach gives you instant, lush turf. Sod can be installed year round, as long as it's watered. At DKC, we can install sod by the piece or by the truckload!

We can rake, grade and install fresh screen soil to prepare an area for new seed or sod. Our company also performs core aeration, slit seeding, over seeding, thatching and liming. We apply the appropriate seed mixes based on the light conditions of your yard.

We prune shrubs, apply fertilization, insect control and fungicides at the appropriate time of year to keep your shrubs vivid each and every season. We also remove shrubs, replacing them with premium plant material.

The installation of new trees such as plant shade, flowering, fruit, ornamental and evergreen are available. We offer services such as the limbing up or shaping of ornamental, fruit and shade trees.

DKC offers 24-hour, emergency tree removal services. We have the equipment to cut, chip and dispose of the chips off site. We also stump grind to remove unsightly stumps.

DKC Landscaping can help you with drainage issues using a variety of drainage pipes. We can install hidden downspout extensions to low-lying area drainage.

Our experienced team also performs a wide range of excavation services. Call for more information! Our staff can come out and excavate and grade the area to prepare it for fresh sod. Call for more information! 214.860.5066

A spring clean-up entails the removal of winter's accumulation of leaves, sticks and debris, whereas a fall clean up entails the removal of debris and the preparation of your property for winter.

All bed edges are defined, our premium mulch is installed and pre-emergent is applied to prohibit the growth of weeds. This service can be applied on your PLC. Lock in your savings now with a three-year or five-year PLC!

Our design specialists can install decorative lighting to add a dramatic effect to any newly created or improved bed or around a hardscaped walkway or patio.

Soft lighting enhances the beauty of your yard. Draw attention to the little details of your flowerbed such as a favorite flower, garden statue, shrub or tree.